Yamaha Unveils the MX360 and MX400


Yamaha Unveils The MX360 and MX400

December 11, 201515-0500 MX Engine Insert 102615-1

During the GIE Louisville EXPO Yamaha introduced an exciting new line of MX series of engines designed for high durability and performance.

Impressive fuel economy with low oil consumption delivers high performance and powerful operations to your equipment for the power you can trust.  The MX engine series is equipped with sound reducing technology offering a quiet operating delivery of stabile RPM and utility power for dependability Yamaha is known for.

The MX360 and MX400 series engines feature metal, high capacity fuel tanks designed for extended run time capability and meet all EPA and CARB evaporative emission standards for the U.S.A.

Yamaha is the power you can trust for all of your OEM and RePower needs for utility equipment and Smith South-Central Sales is your source for Yamaha in our Five State region since January 2014.