Sean Cryer, New Territory Manager for Oklahoma.

Sean Cryer, New Oklahoma Territory Manager

December 1, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Sean Cryer joined Smith South-Central Sales Team in 20150916_171636September as Territory Manager for Oklahoma. He will fill the position left vacant by the retirement of Jerry Freeman. He and Jerry have worked in the territory together for the past few months to familiarize Sean with the SSCS programs and customer base.

Sean comes to SSCS having worked in the OPE industry since the early 90’s with a proven record of relationship sales and service in the OPE industry. It is his goal to serve and satisfy the needs of Smith Customers with reliable, dependable product knowledge of the products we represent.

Sean has built credibility with his customers in the past serving them with dependable customer service in his vast areas of responsibility. Sean is well versed of helping in all areas of retail and distribution.

With Sean’s well rounded experience of proven dedication in the outdoor power equipment industry and sharing values we at Smith hold dear, we feel he will be an excellent Territory Manager that can truly be of service to SSCS customers in the Oklahoma Territory.

Sean and his 2 daughters reside in Owasso, OK. We look forward to having Sean in the territory to represent SSCS for the future to serve our customer base.